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Imagine trying to get and cash a fraudulent check for $94,000,000.00

It's a lot of money but a waste of time

This is a great story! It was reported by WSB-TV

A woman named Brigitte Jackson had a cousin Darius White who had stack of bills - money - www.TaxMan123.comreported a false claim to the state tax folks and then tried to claim his phony level of income at $99,000,000.

That set him up for a huge possible refund.

He got arrested. What did he think really?

His cousin Brigitte went on to file a phony state tax return for a nice check amounting to $94,000,000.

She got busted at the Cobb County bank where she had gone to get the money.

It was a setup by Special Investigations Chief John Waites.

How she got captured

Brigette Jackson and her cousin had been calling to find out when they could get the refund and those calls were recorded.

Investigators not revealing who they really where asked Jackson to come to a grocery store bank counter to pick up her refund.

She was thinking that she was going to get rich with the $94,000,000 dollars that she was going to get, but aha!

She got busted! She was arrested at the bank.

Her recorded phone calls concerning when the money would be available to her, are helping to make the charges solid.

Georgia Department of Revenue

An investigator in the Georgia Department of Revenue said that Brigette Jackson was arrested
and charged with "Attempted theft by taking and conspiracy to defraud the state",

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