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The government is cracking down on tax preparers!

Be careful of what you are doing to "help" your client!

The government is getting down on some tax preparers who are using a bit of a stretch in their methods of doing taxes for their clients and taking stretched or totally illegal deductions etc - read more about it...

You pay a bit of money

To get your taxes done by a tax preparer and since he or she is getting you an incredible amount of deductions you certainly will go back to them the next year and every year. This is a way to build a heck of an accounting business for a tax preparer but when you get caught - Ouch!

The government can punish you severely. So be careful that you are legal in all of your prep work.

If you are smart you can find a lot of deductions for people that are legal and that won't alarm the government workers at the IRS office.

Stay legal and you will have no trouble that you can't handle.

Our dear Justice Department (JD)

Has spoken with a federal court in Chicago about Ana and Theodore Platos.

stack of bills - money -

They want them out of the tax business and are asking the court to permanently bar them from doing tax services.

The JD says that the couple operating as Midway Accounting Services has created claims for unreimbursed employee business expenses, education credits, charitable contributions, and a lot of other interesting but untrue tax reduction related claims, to the IRS. The JD is on their case!

Hundreds of tax prep people have been taken down in the past few years.

The Justice Department - Tax Division

Puts a lot of effort into catching folks doing the wrong thing with tax prep. They are using both civil and criminal law to nail them down.

The Division looks takes a bad guy or gal  to task by going to the court filing a lawsuit for a civil injunction stopping them from doing any tax related business.

I recently read a bit of the huge list of cases against people who are caught in the act and it is massive.

The government does not play around with these folks - they bust them, hard.

A PTIN number!

When you choose a tax preparer make sure they have a PTIN number. It is an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number. This is something that they should enter on all of your tax work to be presented to the IRS.

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