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The UK is looking to tax cheaters to raise more revenue

The UK's Liberal Democrat junior coalition

Partners have made a statement that Britain will have to target wealthy tax cheaters to get the money to pay the countries bills.

British flag - www.TaxMan123.comAfter the next 2015 election, the Conservative-Lib coalition is going to have to come up with their plan to cut $26 billion for the first year of the parliament.

That began in year 2015.

The new recession has killed that idea and so it won't be happening very soon.

Like Democrats and Republicans

The main two groups in England are fighting about money and taxes.

Treasury minister Danny Alexander is quoted as saying "We have this message to the small minority of wealthy people who don't play by the rules: we are coming to get you and you will pay your fair share".

Liechtenstein is a naughty country as far as banking etc. are concerned from the point of view of the UK officials.

They are going after several billion of tax pounds in hidden money over there.

On the low end of the totem pole

The group calling themselves the Lib Dems is supposedly promising that, in the next parliament, they would increase the income tax basis from 10,000 pounds to 12,500 pounds.

As it is, this would mean that anybody who is working full time and getting paid only the minimum wage will not have to pay any income tax.

It is all different from the USA and yet so much the same... politics.

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