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Six Percent to Pennsylvania Government

After a refusal by Amazon to make the payments, it has reversed it's decision based on Pennsylvania strong-arming the company to do it.

A 6% sales tax

Will be collected by Amazon, to go to Pennsylvania for sales to addresses located in that state.

I see a business opportunity just over the border where people can order from Amazon and pay a fee of 2% saving themselves a minimum of 4% in the transaction.

Well for high priced orders that would work.Six Dice -

An Amazon rep feels that it won't hurt the business with residents of the state because of the good prices that Amazon has.

California was added to the list on the 15th of September, 2012.

Amazon has been pushed into being the taxman for sales taxes attributed to New York, Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, Washington and North Dakota. 

So there are 8 states collecting a sales tax

If we know America it will be all 50 of them soon enough.

The Pennsylvania Revenue Department last December came out with a statement that made it clear that some of the companies activities will cause tax collection obligations for any online companies.

Those include employing anyone who regularly travels to the state for any purpose related to their business activities.

The Pennsylvania revenue department first stated the February was the date to start but changed that to September1, 2012.

Amazon would have been forced to be involved in audits and possible criminal prosecution if it didn't respond positively according to the revenue departments order to collect the sales tax.

Amazon has six fulfillment centers in Pennsylvania as it is, so that locks them into the laws premise of locality and travel into the state anyway.

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