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How Will The IRS catch health insurance non-payers

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In about 2 1/2 years, you will have to prove that you have health insurance and most likely insurance companies will send you a paper to ad to what you need to file with already.

It should say that you are insured for health care.

The problem so far is that if you don't pay how can they "get you".

As it stands, they don't have enough extra personnel on hand to do much about chasing everybody who didn't get a health insurance plan because they don't earn enough to be taxed.

Those people might get away with getting a threatening letter to withhold their tax refunds, and maybe that would be it.

I live in Massachusetts where our past governor got health insurance for everyone as a mandate (thanks Mitt Romney) I am covered already.

The law states that the IRS is giving incentives and tax breaks to those who need help to pay for health insurance.

They will also impose their form of punishment onto people who don't buy coverage as well as onto some of the businesses that didn't set it up for their employees.

This will stand out as a $4,000.00 tax cut for in excess of 20 million American families.

Two years ago our dear Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman said that he imagined a set up similar to the type used by taxpayers, to report interest or investment income.

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