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More than $20 Trillion dollars hid

It would appear that there are more wealthy, although their money is hidden, people in the USA.

If the excess of $20 Trillion is offshore, we wonder who controls it and when can the USA get their hands on any of the tax from it?

The group "Tax Justice Network" is an organization that is reporting on developing countries and their tax situations.

TObama - www.TaxMan123.comhey recently came up with numbers that show a lot more wealth than expected.

Obama vs. Romney in the latest political rows is an issue that the tax man is listening to concerning where is the money that Romney supposedly has stashed away.

There are t hose in political circles who are dying to know what it says on his tax returns and what he really has done with the large amounts of finances he has stashed away...somewhere... maybe.

Not just the USA but a lot of countries could be taxing even if just lightly that amount of money and it would Romney - www.TaxMan123.comcause a greater increase in jobs and quality of life for people living there.

There are conservative reports that try to show otherwise, but are often mostly ignored, as is the more liberal opinions on this issue.

Still, we need to be able to get a better idea of who has the money and where are they hiding it.

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