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Mileage Allowance - Finally!

The IRS released to me the mileage allowance or shall we say mileage deduction for 2017.

Check to see how you could take advantage of it.

It has the best ratio of allowance and cost of fuel in many years!

Three Different Rates

There are three different rates. One for business, one for medical/moving and the last for charity.

The business rate is usually the most sought after especially by sole proprietors who are long distance drivers in a car that is paid for and has great gas mileage.

Well that is my own opinion but I think it is actually correct.

If you have that situation you can gain a great amount of allowance or deduction that is free from any corresponding debt.

If you have a car that gets terrible mileage and has a monthly payment loan with full insurance you have a high cost piece of transpotation equipment that cuts intot the advantage that could be gained by lowering you over head for travel.

Free Mileage Log

Another advantage is the free mileage log that you can have for logging in the mileage at the end of the day so that you can satisfy the IRS and it's requirements for gaining the allowance.

Go to the website and get the mileage log by downloading it and printing it out for your own use.

You could send the link for it to your friends if you like and explain the mileage allowance to them as well.

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