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Internet Sales Tax is a No Go

The Speaker of the house John Boehner says no to the tax.

Well it will not pass through Congress before then end of 2014 at least.

John Boehner, who for those of you who don't know, is the Speaker of the House and he opposes the passage of the bill.

The Main Street Fairness Act

Is the name of the bill that would allow state and local governments to collect internet sales taxes from businesses that are outside of their borders.

The bill has Senate backers and it did pass through the Senate in May of 2013 but will not get past Congress during the year end session for Congress that starts this week.

The speaker has said in the past that he has grave concerns about the bill.

The House Judiciary Committee has it's nose in the business of it all as well.

As it is, if you are in one of the forty -six sales tax states you are supposed to report your own purchases online and pay a tax on it. That doesn't happen too often form our observation.

Too hard

One problem is that the setting up of such a complex tax situation would be too difficult for a lot of businesses to deal with.

Forty-six states currently collect the sales tax with different rates and different governmental bodies to report to. That is a major pain in the butt!

For those who want to back this bill they would have to restart the process next year.

 One complaint is that the actual stores that are selling the product in a state are supposed to collect sales tax on and item that could be bought on-line from a nearby state with no sales tax. If you spent $1,000.00 on say a power amplifier you could save say 6% sales tax and that would be $60.00.

That amount of money makes it better to have it shipped to your door for $15.00 and not worry about the gas to go to the store and the time spent doing the entire purchase.

Buy it on-line at night

While in your pajamas if you like while having a cocktail! That is a lot easier that spending a half of a day or more to buy the product.

The web is a great place to do business and we are better off free from hassles like tax and actually getting off of the couch.

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